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Our mission in BraNix Technology & Consulting is to optimize the results of the operation in the transportation industry, through competitive technological tools, offering a service of quality and human sense, continuously satisfying and improving the service, based on our values and certified collaborators.

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Since 2013, Branix has provided technology solutions in the transport industry, which has given our customers safety, reliability and satisfaction that their vehicles are monitored.

The BNX products go beyond a simple solution of GPS monitoring.



BraNix offers reliable professional services including software customization, extensive staff development training and professional consultation for the design of efficient and scalable solutions.

Our team is dedicated to become your partner in technology and R & D. We focus in meet 100% of your needs and get the results you need when you need them.

The services we provide include:

  • Solutions for asset management and GPS tracking systems
  • Custom alerts
  • Custom reports
  • Integration with additional systems in your organization
  • Personalized hardware integration
  • Professional installation
  • Professional training

BraNix BraNix

BNX Fleet Management

BNX Fleet Management is a tracking and monitoring system that lets you take control of your fleet in a simple and efficient way, the result is an increase in productivity and quality of service.

Fleet Management APP

Our Fleet Management App, is the natural extension of our web tracking platform. You can view from your mobile device in real time the current position of your vehicles if they are stopped or moving, speed, visual route within a selected time range.

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BNX Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an indispensable tool for businesses, especially transport, when it comes to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve service quality. BNX Preventive Maintenance Module is our response to this need.

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BNX Diesel Monitoring

Fuel is one of the most significant expenses in transport companies large and small. BNX Fuel Module is a system that reduces fuel costs, by monitoring in real time the level of diesel tanks downtime and driving habits.

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Monitoreo por Eventos

BNX Event Monitoring

BNX Monitoring by Events is our automatic alarm system, is based on events (checkpoints), which monitors transfers or routes based on geo-fences that represent a control area in a predefined route, that notify the person in charge of monitoring units on delays, unauthorized stops or diversions that allow you to take appropriate action.

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BNX GPRS Chat is a system that uses text communication between staff in charge of monitoring and fleet operators using the built-in GPS device installed and send messages with GPRS technology.

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BNX Dashboard

We offer solutions for making business decisions that has helped our customers to display the state that keeps your business in real time and key performance indicators on mobile devices and web., managing information for executive decision of the company.

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